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Confusion about SSL Certificate for FMS16 - Little overwhelmed

Question asked by medrob on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by wimdecorte

My company just recently updated all our Mac computers to High Sierra and we updated our Filemaker Server to 16. All of our satellite client computers in the office were updated to Filemaker Pro 16, and our second office, off site, as well. My supervisor feels that we should set up a SSL certificate so we are more protected, especially since a couple of our client computers are off-site.


So I have been tasked with understanding SSL certificate, the concept and process around getting one set up on our FMS and securing our server. Unfortunately, this has become very confusing and consuming for me.


I suppose the first thing I am confused about is getting the actual SSL certificate itself. From this link right here it suggests that I use this certificate on a domain, that I need to own a domain my server is being run on, and I need to purchase a "Fully Qualified Domain Name"


We have our server on a dedicated computer (Mac)on a dedicated IP from our service provider. We do have a website, but this feature is unrelated to our FMS. The IP address for our FMS isn't public but the address is used from our client computers to access the server.

So my question is; what do we do?