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Add Auto-Enter Serial Numbers Posthumously

Question asked by jakecrampton on Jul 11, 2018
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Background (skippable): I recently began working here, and my current project involves working with a linguistics research department who has done all of their FileMaker development on their own. I'm implementing join tables to add cross-table lookup functionality, but though their tables have ID columns, they forgot to set most of them to auto-enter, though, and I need to populate them in order to make them lookup friendly. I understand that scripting may be necessary, but I'm new to FileMaker, so I'm averse to it, and my intuition tells me that there should be a quick way to do this, but I haven't found anything great within an hour or two of google and youtube searches.


Question: Is there a way to add serial numbers to a table with thousands of entries already present without scripting? If not, could you provide an overview of the process i might use to script it? I am investing some time in learning scripting for FileMaker, but any help you could give would be helpful.


Follow-up Question: What is the best free resource you know of to learn FileMaker scripting? I have lots of experience coding, so I don't need the "what are variables" version of the tutorial, but I've never learned this sort of scripting within an application, so the tutorials that compare it to other scripting programs haven't been the most helpful.


Any feedback you can give will be useful. Thank you for the time!