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How can I create a CSV file of exported data from multiple tables?

Question asked by epace on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by fmpdude

Here is my dilemma. I need to create an Export file from multiple tables. Normally I have no problems, but I have 1 line of data for the CSV file that is causing me a headache to figure it out.


We have a table that contains inventory items. They all have a unique ID, but some items are parents and others are child as far as how the parts work. We manufacture Compressors. With a standard compressor, we have a group of parts that are standard. The customer may have a slightly different need for the compressor though, so they may need a slightly bigger ring on a connection or some other small deviation. For our Financial software, we need to export a list of our inventory, however the way the software works, we have to export the standard compressor as a separate line, and then the list of deviations and changes with some parts being removed and others added. This is all listed in a separate portal table on our layout. For the CSV file, I need the first line only to be 100% from one table and then the rest of the lines would be 75% from the first table with 25% from the separate table. Is there a way to append a line to a previously created CSV file or something like that?