Web Object Viewer populating with field data

Discussion created by caroline726 on Jul 11, 2018
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This seems like a fairly simple problem,. perhaps I am missing something. I previously had a web object on a layout that would grab information from 2 fields, so the result of the search would be displayed for that record. The web address I used before in my web viewer: Case( CARRIERS::MC# > ""; ""&CARRIERS::MC# &"&s_legalname=&s_dbaname=&s_state=~~&pv_vpath=LIVIEW "; CARRIERS::FF# > ""; ""&CARRIERS::FF# &"&s_legalname=&s_dbaname=&s_state=~~&pv_vpath=LIVIEW ")


Now the website has changed and I can't seem to have it grab the information to display in the record..The website is: "" and basically I want it to fill in the MC#, I've tried using the method I used before. I viewed the source of the website but cannot seem to figure out the correct syntax.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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