colored points

Discussion created by grabo on Jul 11, 2018
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I have a drawing on which I want to put points. I would like to make these points change into 3 possible colors: red green or yellow ... like a traffic light. In the drawing I have 20 points. Each record is a drawing.

I tried to format the text in the drop-down list, but this does not allow calculations. I tried to format the text in a calculated field always handling with a drop-down menu ... but it does not work.

Maybe I can draw the three colored points ... but then how can I handle them?

An idiotic problem maybe, but I can not find an idea.

Also the management of the points themselves ... I tried to make a text field with 20 occurrences and then on the drawing I enter the field saying which is the recurrence ... can it go?

But now I do not know how to make the selection. The best thing would be that I visualize the black point and then clicking on it I see the 3 colors in addition to black.