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Compile a list view with 2 different fields from the same table

Question asked by brenseec on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by brenseec

Hey guys, I’m trying to get a dynamic list view in a report.

Basically, it’s a report for a survey app I’ve developed.


Desired outcome: A list of questions and answers, (they are from the same table but are 2 different fields)


I can do this as portal but the problem with the portal view is I have to set manually how many rows to display, from my understanding a list view is better for reporting in any case.


This is what I have done so far


I have a surveyTBL that holds information about the survey (I.e. date, location surveyer etc)

Then I have a QuestionTBL that has the survey questions and answer data.


In the surveyTBL I have a calculation field to list the questions

List (Audit_MD_ALL::Question )

And this will display this list below


Log Card

Signage & Labelling

Ride Quality

Noise Levels

Motor room lockable


Gearbox/Hydraulic Unit




Lockable Main Switch


But when I try this calculation I only get this List (Audit_MD_ALL::Question; Audit_MD_ALL::Sentence )


Log Card

Maintenance has been taken over by Kone in the last year.


This is basically the first question and the first answer, but no other questions or answers are listed,

Can you advise how I can do the following


  1. Separate out the question and answer to format like this

Log Card              Maintenance has been taken over by Kone in the last year.


  1. Get the full list of questions and answers instead of just one