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Question asked by annaleah on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by fmp

Hello and thank you in advance, FileMaking Wizards -


I am creating a database that tracks media files for a documentary (in FileMaker Advanced Pro 17x).

The editor is using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 and Adobe Bridge CC 2018 to organize and edit the footage.


Each record refers to a single media file, with a corresponding filename of the media and FileMaker-generated serial number in the record.


Is there any way I can link the entries of each record to the media file in a way Adobe will recognize?

I have tried exporting as .XMF, .CSV, and others. By re-converting in Excel, I was able to get a .CSV that Adobe Premiere accepted, but did not recognize as describing the right media file.


- Is there any way to export this information as .XMF (the file format Adobe is now using)?

- Can Filemaker edit the metadata of the media files themselves, using the information entered in Filemaker? As in, the actual files outside of the Filemaker system would contain the data and categories I put in the Filemaker record?

- Do y'all have any other ideas? Has anyone had experience tracking digital archives in Filemaker that were then used in an Adobe editing situation?


Again, thank you.


OS: MacOS Sierra v10.12.1

Software: Adobe Premiere CC 2018,

                Adobe Bridge CC 2018

                Filemaker Advanced Pro 17x