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Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on Jul 13, 2018
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I am creating a payment transaction in this table.  When I fill in the VendorID I want to populate the portal with transactions that are not "matched" (paid).  I set the portal up so that the filter was Matched not equal to "Yes".  That works fine.  However, if before matching everything, I click off to the side or need to leave the screen and come back, the Matched Items are no longer visible.  I want them to stay in the portal until I confirm they are done, i.e. the Remaining Balance equals Zero, and I tick Matched on the Parent record. 


I tried OpenItem::Matched ≠ "Yes" and CrCardPmt::Matched ≠ "Yes" (alternately with or instead of and).  I got no records in the portal.  Help Wise Ones of the FileMaker.