Edit/not edit data layout

Discussion created by josh84 on Jul 13, 2018
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Hi All

I’m quite sure is been asked before but Im not able to find what I need.

We have a solution with different layouts and fields. All of them with the browse mode tick to be able to edit them.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to put like a button to lock or unlock that, I mean, if lock is open you can edit data and if not you can’t.

I want to avoid to put every single field twice with conditions to hide/show or duplicate layouts.

And if is possible to make it general, I mean for all layouts, rather than a lock per layout.


I also thought about to do 2 privileges (one edit and the other one not) and if the lock is open re-login with the one that can and if is close with the one it can’t... but then I’m losing the user information of who is editing the field unless I use globals,


thanks a lot