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Global Fields & Global Variables - Multi-User

Question asked by petey on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by wimdecorte


In my FM solution, I setup a "Signup Wizard." It's a series of layouts that walk the user through the required steps to signup a contact for a school.




I use 3-4 global variables to pass data from one script to another throughout the process. This works flawlessly on my standalone setup.


I recently started testing in a multi-user environment (2 users). Both users are on Windows 7, using FM 16 (latest version), connecting to the hosted file (on FMPHOST).


Both users were signing up a student and the data started to cross; as if user 1 was getting user 2's global variable data.


It was my understanding that a global variable (or field for that matter) was local to the user. At least that's what I found on the forum here. However, FMs help page states: "Anywhere within the file where it is declared; cleared when the file is closed."


I'm missing something....and now very confused.

Could someone please help me clear up the confusion, and/or provide some insight on how the "crossed" data may have happened?