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Copy marked found sets and subsequent (tables) related data to their new tables

Question asked by yodavish on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello FM Community,


I have 3 base sets of "related" tables within one solution of FileMaker, that was designed by a manager. Below are their data structures:


Main Table

Staging Table:

Flat Table for CSV imports:

We are importing data from an old database into the FileMaker's "Staging Tables", where it can be searched for a particular interest. Next, checkmark the box next to individual found sets or mark all found sets to be copied (and their related data in the parent/child tables and marked these records as being copied) to their respective tables in the "Main Table" to be used for reporting. How can I go about doing the copy of all the found set data and their related parent/child table related data? I'm assuming this would have to be a script that is triggered by perhaps a button, gets their ID's found set ID and performs a find per table to then copy over the found set to the "Main Table"? Or is there a better approach to accomplish the marked found sets to copy to the Main Table?