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Filemaker Server 17 Slow Web Direct

Question asked by yanga001 on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by RolfBuholzer

Hi Everyone,


After updating our server from filemaker 2015 to filemaker 2017, it was noted that there was a significant increase in the load time for webdirect connections. Upon closer inspection, it seems that any connection through webdirect is now throttled or restricted to a very low bandwidth. While testing the connection, webdirect seemed to peak at around 20 kb's for fmps 2017. By contrast, our 2015 server will easily allow for 2Mb+ upload while using a remote connection. The only difference between the two servers is that one runs high sierra (2017) while the other is el capitan, both installs have been tested on the same hardware.


Could this be related to the new web engine in the 2017 server?


Additionally, some files will not even load through web direct, stating that an error in a javascript widget has occurred.


For now we are continuing to use the 2015 installation, but it is puzzling why the new server seemingly limits the throughput of the connection.


When testing local connections of fmpa 2017, no discrepancies were noted between the two installations. It seems to be isolated to web direct.


The 2017 installation had about 32 GB of ram at its disposal (adjusted in command line) out of 64. Adjusting the amount of ram had no effect on the connection speed (as expected).


The servers are installed on separate m.2 ssd's.


Thanks in advance.