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Converting XML in to JSON in FileMaker

Question asked by Dobieg5750 on Jul 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by fmpdude

So I tried to research changing XML data in to JSON data...and forgive me if I am missing something (like "Hey, you already have the data in XML, just parse THAT data vs converting") but I can't find any resources online on how to convert the data I have to JSON.


Background...I'm looking for an online resource for certain legislative data that I can extract via API and insert data in to a FM File. The best source I found only returns (via Insert URL) data in XML (no JSON option) . I can copy that raw data and go to a website and insert and change it to JSON, copy and paste it back in to the FM File so I can parse via Json the elements/data points I would like....but I figure there HAS to be an easier way.


Am I missing something?