Last Set Field step in script not working

Discussion created by atlantisrk on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by badmonkey842

I have a really odd problem that is driving me to distraction!


I have a popover with 5 global fields in it for users to enter a new contact's information. There is a scripted 'save' button which, by Set Field steps, copies over the info into a new contact record. Set Field to "" then clears the global fields.


In each example I try this method (using different scenarios with tables and layouts), the final Set Field step to copy the data doesn't work, but the Set Field step to clear the global field does!


I have re-written the scripts, re-made the popover, triple-checked the fields, made sure they are on the popover properly etc etc. I then looked back at a previous version of the database that was created by a developer - and was shocked to see this popover and/or script has the same problem.


If I delete the final global field and corresponding script steps, the problem transfers to the 'new' last field in the popover. I tried creating a 'fake' field to try and get the problem away from the field I actually want to use, but this wasn't successful.


Is this a weird bug?? I'm working with FM Pro 14.