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Edit fields of related table using portal

Question asked by arobison1 on Jul 16, 2018
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I am working on a database that needs to keep track of what shipments of books clients have received and when.  Here are the tables I have (with some made-up values):


Client Table:

Code (unique)Client Name


Shipment Table:

Shipment Code UUID
Client CodeIssueDate
12467sgfhg74gv00001en18usBook 17/12/18
asd9voi4jv7347j00002en18usBook 17/13/18
asdf9v848hjkjh900002en18usBook 27/15/18
8gjj3r99jabghnb00003en18usBook 17/16/18
2739ygnbnkjxuy00001en18usBook 27/18/18

Book Table:


Book 1Jones
Book 2Baker
Book 3Davis


Obviously, The Shipment table is the related table between the two that keeps track of every shipment.  My question is this: from the Client table layout, how can I input data for new shipments AND have the data for previous shipments appear as I do so (only for shipments that apply to that particular client, of course)?


I want to be able to see something like this in the Clients layout:


Book 17/12/18
Book 27/13/18
Book 3Not recvd
Book 4Not recvd
Book 5Not recvd


Then, I want input dropbox and date box that can enter new shipments.