Word Count Per Minute

Discussion created by toby91 on Jul 16, 2018
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I am looking to see if anyone has experience with creating word counts. I will outline what I am trying to accomplish and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on if I am on the right track.


My database has a main menu, currently I have a button which takes me to another layout where we key comments. This button also filters out the comments that have already been keyed. Now I have been asked to have a look at the current key rate.


My thoughts was to add a timestamp to this button. I then can add another field for the Word Count of the comments field. Is there a way to add a cumulative word count? record 1 = 46 words, records 2 = 521 words, so I show the total of 567 words and then I am hoping that when exiting back to the main menu I take another timestamp from which I can use the two to show a brief word count report.


I don't have anyone to bounce ideas off, so does anyone think this is a possibility or am I looking in the wrong direction?