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Custom record privilege calculation trouble

Question asked by JoeDotCom on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi All,

I am working on a project to connect Teachers to their specific Sections of a class that they teach.


Teacher 't1' should see sectionID 1 and sectionID 2.

Teacher 't2' should see sectionID 3 and sectionID 4.

Also, both teachers should be able to see sectionID 1 since they are team teaching in this example.


I have a table called Section, with the sectionID and the courseName.

I also have a table called sectionFilter where the username and sectionID fields are populated with each teacher's username and their sectionIDs.


Using Custom Record Privileges for the teacher accounts, I have a calculation on the view for those records set to:

Get(AccountName) = sectionFilter::username


This all works OK except for the shared section (sectionID 1). With both teachers listed on the sectionID in the sectionFilter table, only t1 can see the shared section. t2 appears to not have access. If I remove t1 from sectionID 1, then t2 can see the section. If I add t1 back on there, t2 loses access.


Ideally, logging in as t1 should show sectionID 1 and 2. Logging in as t2 should show sectionID 3,4, and 1.


Attached is my mockup of the database described above.

username/pass for demo database:

a / a  Admin account

t1 / t Teacher 1

t2 / t Teacher 2


I should also mention that I have a script trigger on the section layout that performs a 'find all' type query, I added this because I believe I need to preform some sort of find in order to hide the '<no access>' records.


Can anyone see what I am missing?




section table


sectionFilter table






blank find script triggered on section table

find script.png