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WebDirect PDF Issue

Question asked by shouse on Jul 16, 2018
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I have an interesting PDF issue with WebDirect on FMS17. We have multiple servers running the same solution. On the Windows server when we insert a PDF into the container it only shows the PDF icon. However, on the Mac server when we insert the same PDF file it shows the first page of the PDF. Another similar issue we are having is with generating the pdf on the server. When generating a PDF on the Windows server using a Windows PC it displays the icon. However, using a Mac computer to the same Windows server, Mac computer to Mac Server, or Windows PC to Mac server all correctly show the first page of the PDF. The containers are not set to interactive content as that will cause speed issues with our solution. I have attached some screen shot to help illustrate what I am talking about. If anyone has any insight on this issue, or any suggestions for a solution, please let me know.


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