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File opening only in floating document window?

Question asked by onefish on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by onefish

I have never had this happen before. I have a file with the main layout in list view and was scripting for a new floating document window to sit over the top of the main layout. The document window doesn't have any menus, etc. I closed down to do something else for a while and now the main file only opens in the floating document window, without any toolbars or menus.


I opened the file with script debugger running just to check that something funny wasn't happening in the startup script and there's no window or tool bar steps at all except for a freeze window step.


Anyone come across this before?



PS. I was able to get it back by modifying the startup script in the debugger before running it and adding a step to open a new document window with full controls. Doesn't seem like it should be possible to happen though.