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FM to track multiple deadlines?

Question asked by jmbrandtrush on Jul 18, 2018
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I've created simple FM databases before, but it looks like what I'm working on now will require more than I'm used to.


I currently have about 10 courses I'm tracking. Each course has several weekly sessions (usually around four sessions over the course of 8-12 weeks). Some of the courses overlap. Additionally, each session has several topics (upwards of 20). Some faculty members may have multiple topics due for a session, while others may have none.


First, faculty members submit materials for their topic. Required are materials for study guides, workbooks, and exams. These consist of:

Study Guide: Recorded Lectures, PPT slides, course notes, Study Questions (these usually have the same deadline)

Workbook: Activities and Session Questions (these are usually due shortly after the first deadline)

Exams: Midterm and final exam questions based on their specific topics (these are due once a faculty member has submitted all of their materials for the course)


Once the materials for all topics for a session are received, the development team puts the materials together into the "Study Guide" or "Workbook". After that, several review teams assess the material for overlap, inconsistencies, and errors. Once all issues are resolved, the materials are complete.


What I am trying to develop is a DB where I first enter the Course information. From the main "course" page I can then add sessions, and then from each "sessions" page I can add topics. I would finally need a summary page or dashboard each for the "course" information and the "sessions" information, as well as a summary for all deadlines (complete and upcoming) for the faculty, that would show what the deadline, topic, session, course, and requirements are for each course.


Any ideas on the best way to do this? Videos would be helpful too. I am trying to get approval for a FM consultant to help me. Based on your experiences, how long would you think it would take to develop a database like this?