Tableau connector timing out

Discussion created by steve.winter on Jul 18, 2018

We're trying to pull a data set of some 85k records into Tableau using the FMS 17 connector but unfortunately it's timing out with:



I'm presuming that the issue is a combination of the number of records, the number of fields on the layout being used, and the number of those which are from related tables. Given this runs through the DataAPI I presume the standard integration rules of thin layouts applies and we need to slim down the amount of data on the used layout.


By default the DataAPI will return 100 records when

GET /fmi/data/v1/databases/:database/layouts/:layout/records

is called does anyone know if the Tableau connector circumvents this by passing in a huge _limit value, or if it makes multiple requests until it stops getting data? If it's the later, is this happening on the FMS side (i.e. it's compiling the 85k records into one big 'lump' which it will then return to Tableau) or if it happens on the Tableau side?


Other thoughts?