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Client to Client Access (W/O Server)

Question asked by js0873 on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by wimdecorte

I simply want to allow one person on our LAN to access a FMP database from one other person who owns the FMP database. We don't have FMP Server, only the client software. Actually the one user who has the database is on FMP 16. The other one has downloaded FMP 17 on trial. In any case when doing all of the things on the host to allow access, the database still doesn't appear on the FMP 17 client as available on the LAN. I called FMP support and they verified that the settings I had on the host were correct. Then they tested using Telnet to communicate over port 5003, and that was fine. However, they said I also need ports 80, 443, and 16000 available and those didn't work. We use eSet for our A/V and Firewall so I temporarily took down the firewall and that still didn't work. I've been working with eSet to see if they can help resolve the issue but so far with no luck.


Bottom line, can anyone help with client to client access using FMP and Windows 7? Somehow I simply can't get the host database to appear to the client yet.