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How to import data in a foreign developed and compiled application

Question asked by disabled_schlottbohm on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by schamblee

Hi there,

I am new at this community. I've got some experiences in application development but that was long time ago and I haven't any knowledge about Filemaker anyway.

My wife has a shop and wants to use a Filemaker application which was developed and distributed by an specialized vendor. In his product description he stated that it would be possible to import own data (customers for example) into the application once we bought Filemaker Development Environment.

So now we got the application installed and I find a folder with a exe-file and a fmpur-File among others. As soon as I start either of them the application starts right away and presents its user interface and I have now clue how to get access to the tables or even how to import our own data (e. g. CSV-Files for the customer data).

Can anybody advise me in that issue?

Is there maybe a special short key to stop the starting process and get led to the "development mode"?

Or is there another way to connect on the application database to import files?


I hope I my question is understandable. And sorry for not "googling" the forum intensively - I have just no idea how to start.