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How can I use information typed into a list to create options in a portal?

Question asked by archtech88 on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello Filemaker Community!


I'm building a database for an Education group that I work for and I'm running into something of a wall.


The goal of the database is to track students and their homework. Each student has their school info and parent info meshed into one friendly page. This I have done.


I'm running into problems when I try to create a decent homework tracker. What I've been asked to do is create a list of each homework assignment per subject and make it so that a teacher can simply mark it as 'complete' or 'incomplete'


My hope was to make something where the "Homework" table could be seen as a Listview where you entered each different kind of homework assignment while on the Student's page a portal populates the list of Homework in such a way that the teacher working with that student can mark each assignment as "Complete' or "Incomplete" with the rest of the information about the assignment unable to be changed unless you have access to that part of the database.


I can think of the long of doing that, which would mean just putting that info into the page (not in a portal), but I feel like if I do it that way I won't be able to compare student info in a handy dandy list (which is something I know my Program Director wants, though they don't know it's something they want).


If this doesn't make any sense, I have a small mockup of what what I'm trying to craft (not working the way I want it to work, of course) that I can link.