Filemaker 17 Rest Api php help

Discussion created by user19745 on Jul 18, 2018
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I hope i can get some help from Filemaker friends  with  PHP on the belt,

since  upgrade to filemaker 17 my api i cant get the right PHP syntax working, like before I know there are some

php api already done,  but I found them to hard  for PHP starters. And for this project i dont need all that, its a simple landing page with php.


And what im trying to archive is just a 3 step for now.


1 - Login to database get token

2 - Set  Token session Create Record

3 -  Log Out Kill session.


That is it,


I Can already get to the database in PHP and get the response of the token from the server

but for some reason I can´t extract the token.


Here is the example code and the response, and result on web Browser I see the token,



when I activate Line 32 so I can decode Json

I don´t get any echo $result


At Line 35

$token is empty



So If anybody has a simple PHP example off login in API and getting the token and creating a record that would be

a great help.


Best Regards

Walter Noia