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Add new record in different table

Question asked by jackmac on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by jackmac

Hi all,


I have two files:





There is a table in the products file which lists all products sold and has a CustID field (line items sort of thing) and a field in Customer with the same name.


I have ticked the 'Allow creation of records' box when I created the relationship.  I press the button it does create a new record in Products and shows the CustID along with the fields I have said to add.  Next time I press the button it doesn't add a new record, it only updates the same record for that CustID.


I'm using:


SetField {Product::CustID ; Customer::CustID]

SetField {Product::Postcode ; Customer::Postcode]


Any ideas on how to get it to create a new record?