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I have a curious problem with my op reports

Question asked by mcintyre2 on Jul 19, 2018
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I want to thank those again who help guide me in a better direction in formulating a responsive op report template with the list function.  Everything has been going well up until today.  Today I find that the last part of the op report is not completed. 


Cut off Report.png


This is the final section of the op report, there were 6 procedures done on this patient.  The last was the abdominal liposuction.  The paragraph is not complete.  I looked to see if I had finished typing the complete Abdominal Liposuction text, and I had.  I look to see if there was enough length to the report in the Edit layout out and there was. 


Upper Part of Report.png


This is the upper part of the report and you can see that the last procedure is the Liposuction of the Abdomen of which the text for the body of the op report is generated. 


Layout Edit .png


This is the Layout Edit of the Printable Op Report.   What not include, which usually is, is the bottom of the OP_6_Text, the PRINT_Dressing_Dispostion and the name and date information. 


Upper part of Edit Layout.png

This is the upper part of the Printable Op Report Layout Edit. 


You can see there are 10 OP_REPORT::OP_#'s.  Like I said It has been fantastic up until my last report 10 minutes ago.  The operation I did prior to this printed nicely. 


Any thoughts?


McIntyre Bridges