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Cannot see more than 1168 table occurrences in the Specify Field dialog on Windows 10

Question asked by user5135 on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by TSGal

Product and version

FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.0.4

FileMaker Pro Advanced 17.0.1


OS and version

Windows 10.1 Pro

Windows 10.0 Pro

Windows 10.0 Enterprise


Browser and version (for WebDirect only)







Cannot see more than 1168 table occurrences in the Specify Field dialog.


How to replicate

1. Create a new FM file

2. Manage Database dialog will be open automatically

3. The file will contain a default base table and table occurrence

4. Don't close Manage Database dialog

5. Navigate to Relationships tab

6. Append " 1" to the table occurrence name (e.g. "test" -> "test 1")

7. Select all TOs in the graph and duplicate

8. Repeat step 7 eleven times to end up with 2048 TOs in the graph

9. All TOs will be numbered "<filename> nnn" where nnn is a number 1-2048

10. Click OK to save and close the Manage Database dialog

11. Open Script Workspace

12. Create a new script

13. Create a new 'Set Field' script step

14. Specify Target Field in script step

15. Attempt to choose TO with number "... 999"

16. The last TO available will be "... 205" - this is the 1168th TO in the list


Verify 1168th TO in list as follows

1. Assume file just created is open

2. Open Data Viewer in FM Pro Advanced

3. Enter the following code

Let ( [

   data = ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT TableName FROM FileMaker_Tables ORDER BY LOWER(TableName)" ; "" ; "" ) ;

   total = ValueCount ( data ) ;

   n = 1168


   "Show first " & n & " out of " & total & " TOs¶" &

   LeftValues ( data ; n )


4. Vary the value of 'n' in the Let function to see the list of TOs in that range

5. When n=1168 scroll to bottom of the result and see that the last TO is "... 205"


Other Notes

This behaviour happens on v16 and v17 of FileMaker Pro Advanced (and v16 of Pro).

This behaviour only happens on Windows 10 machines. It doesn't happen on Mac nor on Windows 8.

The limitation is only apparent when using the Specify Field dialog, this is used in the following steps

- Set Field

- Replace Field Contents

- Clear

- Cut

- Copy

- Paste

- Set Selection

- Export Field Contents

- Set Next Serial Value

- Check Selection

- AVPlayer Play

- Install Plug-In File

- Show Custom Dialog


This behaviour happens when the file is hosted or local.


This doesn't affect access to the TOs through any other means. All TOs are visible and available in the relationship graph and through any calculation dialog.


This also doesn't affect the 'Specify Target' dialog - which is used in the 'Insert' steps

- Insert Calculated Result

- Insert Current Date

- Insert File

- Insert From URL

- other Insert steps


It's also worth noting that this problem only started occurring in the last month. We have developers that have been using Windows 10 and FM16/17 for many months, this problem only arose a few weeks ago (mid to end of June 2018), possibly due to a Windows update but not sure.


Workaround (if any)

Use Mac or Windows 8