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ODBC Not Connecting To FM Server

Question asked by briancrockett on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by DonCollier

We had a FM Server (v16) running on a VM but it was too slow so we moved to a stand alone box that we configured to be the same as the VM.  (FM Server 16 and Windows Server 2016) Everything should be the same except for the hardware. We even changed the IP number to be the same as the previous server and gave the previous server a new IP.


The problem is we have 3 FedEx machines that use ODBC to connect to FileMaker in order to get the address and commodity information. For some reason they no longer reliably connect. They will work a few times and then stop.


Even the test button in the ODBC config isn't working reliably.


Called FedEx and they said connectivity is our responsibility.


Here's the error from the ODBC Driver Configuration Test Button.



I took the file from a new backup and did a recover on it and it came up with no errors.

I'm not sure what the SSL error means.


Any suggestions?