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Yearly booking planner

Question asked by chantal_dc on Jul 20, 2018
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I’m making a yearly planner.
Weekly on Wednesday afternoon (12) and Saturday (13) there are appointment blocks at a fixed start time.
Occasionally there are also appointment blocks on Tuesday (17) and Wednesday morning (5).
As there are only appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, I don’t want to use a monthly calendar. 
I want to create open blocks, so it is clear which blocks are still open ore used.  This table will be linked to the customers table, so you will only have to click on the customer’s name to book the open block.  And in the customer view you would get the list of bookings per customer.



My problem:
How to create this set-up?
The Wednsday afternoon and Saturday could be made recurrent?  How would you do this?
And maybe by scripting the occasional days?  Create a date on Tuesday, and automatically the 17 appointment blocks are created? Create morning on Wednsday, and automatically the 5 appointment blocks in the morning are created? 

Could really use some help here