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How do I create a parent table (with PrimaryKey) from an existing table that has some shared fields?

Question asked by mlcastellanos on Jul 20, 2018
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Hi Folks,


I am looking for some help or general direction. Here is what I am trying to do:


I have an existing table that was exported from another database (Table 1) and includes student records by academic year and an “OtherDbaseID”. However the ID is not unique in this Table 1, as the duplicates of OtherDatabaseID,  have fields that change by academic year (see example below).


Table 1 (Child)


OtherDBaseID, FirstName, LastName, AcadYear, OtherFieldText           

001, James, Smith, 2016, xxxxx

001, James, Smith, 2017, rrrrrr

002, John, Smith, 2017, eeerse

003, Jim, Doe, 2016, vsfafsdfdsf

003, Jim, Doe, 2018, fasfasdfadsfa

004, Jenny, Doe, 2016, vbnvnnvm

004, Jenny, Doe, 2017, bassdfasdfa

004,Jenny, Doe, 2018, asfasdfdsdf


I want to build a new Parent (Table 2) with a Primary Key that relates fields via the “OtherDbaseID”  on Table 1 and 2.


Table 2 (Parent)

Primary Key, OtherDBaseID, FirstName, LastName

1000, 001, James, Smith

1001, 002, John, Smith,

1002, 003, Jim, Doe

1003, 004, Jenny, Doe


Could someone point me in the right direction on:


How can I extract a unique list of OtherDbaseID from the given Table 1, and create a Parent table 2 from this extraction that only list unique OtherDbaseID? Once I have this I was hoping to add a Primary Key and relate the two tables.


Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions.