Put data from local FM Go on a FM Server

Discussion created by dnovo on Jul 20, 2018
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We have a DB running on a FM Server that holds photo's in containers (external data storage) together with meta-data from the photo's. The photo's are taken from iPhones, because there's not always an internet connection available the photo's are stored locally in FM Go on the iPhones. When an internet connection is available we need to put the photo's and the meta-data on the FM Server. Just to be clear we don't need to synchronise just put all the photo's on the server. When the transfer is complete we can delete the photo's on the iPhone.

What have I done so far. A script on the clients (iPhones) that triggers a script on the server to import the data from the iPhones, get( file path) is send as a script-parameter.

The Import step on the server gives an error 3.

Any suggestions?


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