What do you expect from e-mail integration?

Discussion created by HOnza on Jul 21, 2018
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Do you or would you like to integrate your FileMaker solution with e-mail?


Some of our clients who wanted to integrate their solutions with e-mail have come up with requirements that could not be fulfilled by any of the existing e-mail integration solutions out there. Most common requests were reliable server-side functionality and excellent performance even when dealing with thousands of messages per day per mailbox. So we decided to create our own product to address these needs.


To make sure we focus on features and qualities that not only our existing clients but also many new clients will find valuable, I have prepared a quick survey to find out what are the most wanted features.


If you're interested in the new product, I will appreciate you to participate in the survey and let us know what's important for you at http://24usw.com/emsurv