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how to switch extern datasources (Postgresql/devObs)

Question asked by osmunda on Jul 21, 2018
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How to switch external datasources.


I have the following devOps:

a development PC (Windows 7) with Filemaker Pro advanced 17 installed
a production server mac mini with filemaker server installed.

a postgresql server with three databases: Development, Test and Production.

I use Actual ODBC drivers to use ESS.


Until recently I was able to switch form my Production DSN to my TEST dsn and back from within my Filemaker  solution. Now I'am no longer able to enter or edit data in m production or development database.

I can see in my database design report that all shadow tables stay connected to my test database(hybi_fmp_test).


shadow tables.PNG

What is the best way to reconnect a filemaker solution to a different database? Because I don't like deveoping in the production database.