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SSL certificate no green light yet

Question asked by arnojansen1 on Jul 20, 2018
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back again with a question on ssl.


I have managed to install server 17 on a Mac. created the CSR, bought and Installed an SSL certificate from go daddy with success. but


1. When I go to filemaker pro on my machine and look for the host i can only connect via IP and not via the FQDN what should I do?



2. When i look at the status (Get (connection state) on my machine it is a 1 red lock. And when i logon to another machine accessing the same database via IP address the state is 2 and the lock is orange. what is happening here?


3. I also encrypted one of my databases via Filemaker pro, tools, developer utilities etc but this database despite the fact that it is open on the server it does not come up in the list when i look at hosted files in filemaker pro. not sure what is going wrong here either.


i have read the white paper from wimdecorte many times over which is great


all help is appreciated as always.

Cheers Arno