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FileMaker Server 17 Ready For Use?

Question asked by Andy Hibbs on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by Andy Hibbs

I've been pretty scathing of FileMaker Server 17, which we consider a triumph of FMI's marketing team over their technical team. We need some updates to this that not only fixes bugs but restores some features that we've relied on for years, before next year's version is released.


However, with many acknowledged bugs (by FMI) in Server 16 and earlier versions only reportedly being addressed in Server 17, we need to seriously consider whether to move to this unfinished version, or live with the bugs that are causing our clients problems; primarily the 'finding' issue that is hitting productivity on some systems.


We'd appreciate some feedback from anyone who has used FMS17 in a Windows 2012/2016 Server Internet hosted production environment. How has it behaved:

          Under load with many users?

          Has WebDirect been reliable?

          Has it performed reliably with ESS, in particular linked to MySQL?

          Has it been reliable hosting for FMP15 to FMPA17 clients?

          If there have been issues, what have they been?


Other than the increased support overheads of managing many files without subfolders (boy do we regret some very old systems that don't have consistent alpha sort naming on separated solutions scattered throughout the file list), lack of operations on multiple files and lack of instant reporting by having to constantly download log files, have their been any other management issues?


I remain optimistic that there will be a future paradigm shift in all things software where the annual 1 step forward and 3 steps back has been abandoned, but I'm not getting any younger.


Many thanks