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Saving as pdf on a server with no path information.

Question asked by charlieups on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by monkeybreadsoftware

Hi, everyone!!!


See if any of you can help me on this one. Here is what we have:

In our website we have a php file which conects to our solution hosted in FM Server 17. Once there, the php code triggers a script which at somepoint save records as pdf file.

The problem we have is that the PC executing the php code can be from anyone on the website, so we cannot register neither the Desktop path nor Temporary path nor Documents path. When we try, we get nothing, i.e., "", so it is imposible to use that to set the file path into a variable.

Then the mentioned script sends an e-mail to the client using that pdf file we cannot write on our server. So, it sends the e-mail but without attachment.

The problem we have is how to define the path file to write it on our server if we have no information about Desktop, Temporary or Documents path. The idea would be to write the pdf file directly in our server using our IP address, or something similar.


I hope I explained it good enough.


Thanks in advance for your help.