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Is it true that unless your iOS layout fits within the device size, you cannot avoid scrolling?

Question asked by Karen on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Karen

Research so far states this is unavoidable.


Client, new to iOS, hated swiping panels for the several sections of the record form, and wants to try horizonal scrolling (not buttons either). For the test, I have all elements now on a wide screen, 3x the width of normal iPad, 1x the height.

When the width exceeds 1x, the layout pointlessly bounces vertically with swipe to scroll right or left. Behaves fine if 1 to 1, as my research stated. Have locked to 100% to avoid zoom.


Any tricks out there?

Trigger a script on swipe guesture? (double tap was all I found)

Using v16, but can bump them to 17 just for Go if need be.

If I can disable animation on panel swipe so it's less nauseating, they may not dislike panels so much, but that too appears not to be possible.