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FileMaker 17 not responding on Mac 10.13.6

Question asked by techt on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by techt

Not sure what's going on here, and it's bad enough to have me schedule some down time to rebuild my MacBook Pro (2017) completely. I don't know if this is a result off the 10.13.6 or maybe even the 10.13.5 update to the MacOS, but it seems there is very few activities I can undertake with data, even just a couple of thousand records, that doesn't require minutes to complete while the OS reports that FileMaker 17 is not responding. If I leave it alone, it eventually comes back, but again, I've had meals that didn't last this long. There isn't much difference if the file is local or hosted. I did notice an unrequested download in my folder a while back for a bogus Acrobat installer. Not sure where that came from, but the same is true of Facebook cookies on my browser, and I don't use facebook, so I'm not sure how that is getting there either. Looking at the Activity Monitor, the CPU will occasionally  get close to 100%, but it usually doesn't. Memory, Energy, Disk, and the Network tabs show almost no activity at all during these "hangs." I usually have Mail and Safari running as well, but that's usually it. Occasionally, I run iTunes or Pandora for streaming music. These aren't affected at all during the spinning beach ball, but I frequently keep them off any more because this is becoming such a problem.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there some bug, or do I just go forward with a rebuild?