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Setting up a database question

Question asked by ultranix on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello, I am a realtor, and I have a CRM solution for all my interactions with customers. I have a separate Filemaker solution for my accounting. But this accounting solution contains both business and personal finances and I would like to separate it.


As you might have heard, primary income of a realtor is commissions.


1) First issue is, that in my realtor's CRM everything is basically around 2 tables: Customers and Actions (with those customers). I like statistics a lot, so I have a lot of summary layouts based on Actions table. So, in order to still be able to use summaries based on Actions table and include money aspect, I would need a valid reference to that accounting table. That's the first issue.


2) Second issue is that I want then to be able to produce Income/Expenses list to IRS, but not all of my income payers are those people in Customers table, and in most cases seldom I pay them (which later becomes expenses). So I need to achieve both - 1) to track how much commissions are received from those in Customers (and be able to use the data in Summary layouts) and 2) add additional income/expenses that could later become Income statement.


How would you advise to set up tables, relationships and all that in order to achieve those things?