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How are tables related in FileMaker?

Question asked by mindfulberry on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi Everyone. I'm new to FileMaker (About 3 weeks in). I'm creating a database where I want to find out the cheapest supplier for a car parts sales offer.


RenaultPricer: the requested parts


PartsIndex: the parts once the ID numbers have been validated (and may in the future contain all possible parts not just the ones in the offer).


SupplierCost: Should contain all the offer parts and the price of each part from 3 suppliers.

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Supplier1, supplier2, supplier3 are the 3 suppliers whose prices I'm comparing.


I'm creating another table relating to SupplierCost. This table will contain calculation fields and should let me access the prices from the suppliers to use in the calcs so I can mix and match suppliers and buy parts from each of them to get an overall cost price.


All the tables above have data in them however once I create the new table and relate it to SupplierCost, why can I not see any data in it automatically? Can someone please explain basic concepts of which data appears where in related tables? I already understand data tables/primary keys/foreign keys/joins etc but I don't understand how data is populated in fileMaker. I ran a script looping through each part in the RenaultPricer to create new records in the PartsIndex. Is this what I need to do for every table every time?


Sorry for the long question. Any help is much appreciated, thank you!