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(arcgis) javascript  mapping api in webviewer??

Question asked by makerbert on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by makerbert

Since google maps api is pay-per-view since the 15th of juli I'm looking for an alternative.


arcgis javascript api would be nice since we use arcgis elsewhere in our company and already have licenses and many maps we could share.


Alas, when I try to display a simple basemap in the webviewer (GO16) no map shows up. When feeding the html to opera on the device all is as it is supposed to be.

The same goes on in my windows 7 ultimate desktop development pc; map visible in IE and Chrome but not in FM16.0.4, opera in MacOS 10.13 shows the map ...


I found no reference to arcgis javascript api in this community and perhaps that's a clue in itself but I dare to ask: How can I go about to troubleshoot this?


Any idea's are welcome, have a nice day.