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Antivirus software and Filemaker Server 17

Question asked by dermot on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by schamblee

Hi Folks,


Setting up a new FM Server setup and the IT team REALLY want to install AV on the filemaker server....


Reading all the filemaker docs .. e.g. below, it is suggested that this will be ok as long as you dont scan the folders which contain the hosted files and that you dont scan during backups ...


"Please set the antivirus software so that it does NOT scan the Databases folder (and subfolders), or any location FileMaker Server/FileMaker Pro is opening the databases from. In addition, do not allow anti-virus software to scan the folders that contain files for container fields that store data externally.

The antivirus software should instead scan the backup destination folder, if scanning of the files is necessary.  Please schedule the antivirus software so that it does NOT scan during the time FileMaker Server is backing up the database files.  It is preferable to scan the database files after the files have been backed up completely."


Thats all fine but we do incremental backups as well ..... Is it enough to tell the AV not to backup the hosted file or the folders where the incrementals (or normal backups) are going to ?


It sounds like that isnt enough .. i.e. dont do ANY scanning anywhere while Filemaker is backing up ...



on a side note - this is a bit worrying:-

"NOTE: With real-time scanning, the virus scanner may spend large amounts of time scanning the database files. This scanning places a heavy load on the server’s disk, memory, and processor."

Thats also from the link above ... Is it just the case that we should tell IT NOT to run AV on this server .. They wont like that :-/ ....


Any ideas/info much appreciated folks ?