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Make Changes in parent table lead to child and group field

Question asked by atika on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hallo to everyone

I am writing my query again. I would very thankful if someone help me. My query is I have two tables Device Measurement (_pkDeviceID, Device name, User name) and Device History (_pkDeviceHistoryID, _fkDeviceID, users name). In (Device Measurement) table the same device have more than one user and one user have more than one devices i.e In Device Measurement table

Device Name          User Name

D1                              us1

D1                              us2

D2                              us5

D2                              us3



Now I want in ( Device History) table like that


DeviceHistoryID(Auto increment)        Device Name          User Name       

1                                                                 D1                          us1,us2

2                                                                  D2                             us5,us3





I also want if we change in Device Measurement table then automatically changes should be in the Device history table.  Please find attach file of script that i try to write