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Inputting a value on multiple records

Question asked by wimgrandia on Jul 25, 2018
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I've got this list of records that i would like to save as a pdf per client.

So every record that has the same client gets on the pdf. And for each client that is found a new pdf is created.

I already have made a script to do this and it works great but...


I would like it that when the button (that triggers the script) gets clicked a pop-up comes up and asks for a certain input (invoice number). This input then has to be put in a certain field that is also on the layout that's used while saving as pdf. I know how to make the pop-up (its already in the code) but the value only gets written on the first record of a client and not on the rest of them so on my actual pdf the field is empty (unless this client has only one record).


Here is the code i am running now. Can anybody help me out?





Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 14.40.24.png