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Question asked by mikeo'neil on Jul 24, 2018
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I am trying to use the Web Viewer for dual purposes, to view web sites and to view the contents of a field that contains Tip Data.


I have created a Toggle Field (number) that is set by Script to a 1 or 0. If the Toggle is a 1, I want data from a Tip field (Text) to display in the Web Viewer else I want the web site from the records Web Site field to display. This works great.


The problem I am concerned about is when I Set the Toggle to 0 (meaning I do not want the Tip data to display and there is no Web Site entered the data from the Tip Field still displays even after selecting it even though the Toggle has been reset to 0.


If I switch layouts or go to Layout Mode and then back, all is ok. I have verified the 1 is gone from the Toggle and have tried refreshing Commit, Object and the Window but this has not worked.


I also tried the Set Web Viewer Scripts (Reload-Reset-Go to Url-Forward-Backward)


Are there any other methods that I might try.


Web Viewer Forumla:




Sources::ViewToggle       < 1      ;




"data:text/html," & Sources::Tip_Data




Script Toggle: