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Text box not sliding up to meet separate text box split over a page break.

Question asked by icliffh on Jul 24, 2018

I'm working on a really basic report setup in FileMaker Pro Advanced and have been experiencing a problem I think could potentially be a bug, but didn't want to assume.


The report consists of three text boxes (inside sub summary parts) followed by a portal (inside a body part) with a series of pictures. All the text boxes and the portal are set to slide up and resize to fit their specific contents. The text box in the center will be consistently larger than the other two because of its subject matter, and due to its placement in the document I am allowing it to break across page boundaries.


I experience my problem when this second text box is being split across a page boundary. The third text box should theoretically resize itself and then slide up to where the second text box ends (after the page break), except it doesn't (Case1 in the attachments). The third text box is clearly small enough after the resize to slide up and fit on the page, and yet refuses to do so (see CR in the attachments).


The only time the third text box will slide up to meet the second text box is in the event that both the third text box AND one of the pictures can fit on what remains of the page (Case2 in the attachments). I haven't linked the third text box to the pictures in any way so far as I can tell.


I'm admittedly baffled. Ill attach some photos to illustrate my problem. Hopefully someone has overcome a similar problem and can offer some insight.