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Hiding field based on object name

Question asked by tomperr on Jul 25, 2018
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I am not sure I am going about this the correct way, but will ask anyway.

I have a portal with 6 date fields across.  From left to right, the field dates represent every 7 days date.  I have the field returning the Month only.  Goal is to not duplicate 2 months in a row (left to right), so if the 1st month, far left returns the month of July and the 2nd field to the right returns July, the second field will be hidden, and so on. Note, I have the objects named.


name            wk1      wk2        wk3       wk4       wk5     wk6

field             date1    date2     date3     date4    date5   date6

field result    Jul        Aug        Aug        Aug      Aug      Sept

In example, date3, date4, and date5 will be hidden since the field to the left is the same.

Thanks for any help on this.