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Filtering a Portal By Month

Question asked by sidetrack_ca on Jul 25, 2018
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I know this type of question has been posted several times and I have read every thread I can find on how to accomplish this.  I think my confusion comes from not understanding the correct syntax the portal filter uses.  So here goes.


I have a portal that lists records inside Commissions_Detail table.  I want to only show records in the portal that meet the following criteria:


1. The Sale_Date field is within the current month and year (This will only show commission records that are from the current month and year)

2. The Employee_ID field is equal to the $$Current_Staff_ID global variable (This will ensure that records that are in the portal that meet the date requirement will only show those items that relate to the current employee id of the current logged in user)


Any help in this direction would be greatly appreciated.