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Lunch Discussion at DevCon Regarding PubMed Data and Filemaker

Question asked by tcwaters on Jul 25, 2018

I'm wondering if there are any other Filemaker developers who will be at DevCon and have experience getting data from PubMed and storing it in Filemaker.  We have a script that uses a faculty member's name to find publications at PubMed and returns that content, and stores it in FMP.  One of the issues with this process is what to do with very common names, like "Wang L." This isn't really a PubMed only issue- in that querying a datasource and returning data based on very non-specific things like a last name is fraught with issues.


I'm wondering if there are other developers who are in the same boat and would like to have a conversation over lunch to share ideas for dealing with this datasource.




Thomas Waters